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Collect And Detail Service

Collect And Detail Service

Collect And Detail Service

Our new Collect And Detail service is perfect for the busy person who loves their car. We can collect your car, and deliver it back fully detailed.

Are you too busy to get your car to us?

Busy mum with children at home or the school run to do?

Working many hours, no time to get your car detailed?

Why not choose our new “Collect & Detail” service. We can then provide the ultimate detailing services in our controlled environment at our air conditioned studio in Gatwick. For an all-in-one price, we’ll pick up your car using our fully comprehensive insured drivers, detail the car at our studio and then when completed, drive the car back to your place of choice.

We can also offer a superior collection and delivery service via covered car transporter (at additional cost).

Get your car back detailed, gleaming and protected at your home.

The perfect gift for your partner!

Our insurance allows us to drive any cars on our trade policy.


How do you book this service?

  • Choose which of our services you want to use, here – Detailing Services
  • Call and book for when it’s convenient for YOU.
  • Arrange a time for us to pick  up your car.
  • We’ll provide an agreed day and time for you to receive your car.
  • Sit back and enjoy!

Contact Paul on +44(0)7444 869983 or visit our contact page and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.