PD Shampoo – The worlds best car shampoo


PD Shampoo – the best car shampoo, ever!

PD Shampoo

PD Shampoo

The World’s best car shampoo, PD shampoo is now back in stock, so you can use the most advanced spa treatment on your vehicle, leaving no residue on the surface and a smooth finish. Order 500ml bottles from our new website for £42.30.

Made by cosmetic chemists who complete constant checks along the way, production can be slow at times. However, as we cut no corners and settle for nothing short of perfection, you get the best quality automotive shampoo on the market. We stocked a small amount earlier in the year. This batch sold out within 48 hours (to my surprise) so we are pleased to offer more.

The new batch had to wait for a production slot. So along with our secret recipe, new key ingredients were ordered especially for this batch to make the shampoo.

PD Shampoo – Secret ingredients. 

As you’ll no doubt have noticed, the problem today is that there are so many shampoos on the market. Most of which are mass produced and lack quality and consistency. Ordering a specially formulated car care shampoo is not really what cosmetics chemists do! They are used to orders of 50,000 plus, but we are fortunate enough to have been able to get more in stock so be sure to order while you can!

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We use our products ourselves, why not? Be silly not to. The results are always better than anything we buy in the trade. We found that other products were run of the mill stuff, they did an OK job! BUT in our line of business, clean had to mean CLEAN!!

Try it out, we know, that you will not be disappointed. If you love your car, love having it clean and knowing its SUPER clean, ready for adding protection to your paint, then PD Shampoo is for you.

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