QS Tuning Cost me £50k


QST have cost me £40-£50k and accept no responsibility for anything!

January 2018

My car goes to QS Tuning and has the stage two map. As soon as I pick the car up there are problems so I have to wait an hour, then it’s all ready to go 420bhp and 610nm, happy days right? Ten minutes down the road my car comes to a complete stop, all the lights come up on the dash and the engine won’t start. I tried calling Kim and he was no help. Eventually i managed to get it recovered and upon return I plug diagnostics into the car… Loads of codes, pages of codes, faults all over the place! I clear the faults, get the car running again and drive back over to QST to get it re-checked, they clear codes again and send me on my way, I’m then driving around with the £5k diagnostics machine in the car in fear of it doing it again.


May 2018

My car blows the spark plugs, I contact QST and they told me to change them, then email back after the weekend asking me if the plug fixed the problem ? Yes I said, but I mention that it needs service and checking over so it goes in.


September 2018

Engine blows another spark plug, I replace them again and it runs like a dog. It gets recovered back to QST and now here we are six months later. Niki Gower kindly tested the injectors and there was a problem with them that apparently can’t be shown up before or after tuning and that’s my lot.



After spending over £6k on the RS3 and trusting it with QST and insisting they check everything back in January 2018 this happens… If this is what happens when you trust a company to tune your vehicle and they ending up causing it to blow up then i’m done with tuning, put me off big-time. Thank god I have the C63. What’s interesting is that’s been mapped and not missed a beat in three months and done over 10,000 miles… It’s driven exactly the same way, always warmed up and down, always checking oil, always 99 Ron fuel. The good old Mercedes AMG never had a problem with them before should of stuck with AMG.

Apologies if I offended anyone with this article, i’m just understandably angry that this is effectively £40-£50k down the drain.

Also remember, QSTuning dented my van and tried to deny that so they have a track record of lying to me. Why weren’t the injectors tested when it first blew a spark plug tip? I’m no mechanic yet we put our trust into these people who are supposedly trained to know what their doing… It really makes you wonder.


Seems qstuning are thieves too stolen all the parts I put on the car… Here are some photos for proof.

Top photo is mine and the bottom is one they’ve replaced it with & taken the top for themselves, here’s another photo of MY steering wheel in someone elses vehicle that was uploaded to instagram.


More Photos:

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