SWISSVAX, Episode 3: “Wax”, “How to” series car detailing with Paul Dalton, Miracle Detail, UK.


Welcome to the next installment of ‘How To’ video. In this is episode, Paul shows us how to pretreat the paintwork with Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Regular and apply his signature Crystal Rock wax. Preparation is key for the wax to ‘bed’ properly and last as long as possible. The Cleaner Fluid Regular is a pre-wax oil with no cut enabling you to effortlessly remove contaminants like tree sap, bird lime and tar, to name a few. Its easy on and off application makes it a breeze to use. Paul Dalton’s Swissvax Crystal Rock Wax, with 76% of pure Brazilian grade one carnauba, is known for its depth of shine and longevity in terms of protection of the paint work. You can layer the wax to form a stronger barrier against the elements. Leave at least 24 hours after removal of the first layer to allow the wax to ‘bed’ with the paintwork before applying the second layer. PRO TIP: Less is more! Swissvax products are designed to be used sparingly, in short you don’t need to over use either the Cleaner Fluid or the Crystal Rock wax in order to achieve the best results. You can gain at least 10-15 applications of wax per 200ml jar if used correctly.