SWISSVAX, Episode 1: Washing, “How to” series car detailing with Paul Dalton from Miracle Detail, UK


“The well-known car detailer and Swissvax ambassador Paul Dalton, seen on “Fifth Gear” and many other TV-shows, visited Swissvax headquarters in Fällanden, Schweiz. We got to shoot a video series starting where Paul shares his thoughts and techniques of car detailing. Episode 1: Washing and wheel cleaning A good wash technique is vital to prevent micro scratches and holograms and keep the shine looking perfect. Paul explains why the two bucket method is more important than people think. He is using the Swissvax Lavish shampoo for the wash itself which is formulated to give you up to 15 washes for your vehicle per 250ml. Also featured is the Swissvax Wheel Cleaner for wheels that are cleaned regular or not ingrained with heavy dirt, Paul mentioned the Wheel Spray Forte for really ingrained dirt, we will touch on that on a different episode. The Swissvax Waschpudel, the super soft wash sponge inside, with a ‘towel’ like outer for super soft washing and used with the 2 bucket method is the perfect combo. Drying there is only one product to use, the Swissvax Micro-Dry! PRO TIP: After a through clean of the wheels, apply a coat of Swissvax Autobahn (wheel wax) for even better results and the ultimate protection for the wheels. Introduction episode: Episode 1: Washing Episode 2: Wheels: Episode 3: pretreatment and waxing: Episode 4: tires and quick detailing: Episode 5: to be re-filmed Please leave comments or perhaps a questions that may arise. Hope you enjoy the introduction video and subscribe (with notification) for upcoming episodes.” All the products featured can be purchased from your countries official importer or official stockist/detailer. Prices will vary depending on the country you reside in.