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Washing Procedures

For Clients With Modesta Coated Vehicles

Washing procedures for clients with Modesta coated vehicles

Now that you’ve had your vehicle detailed you may be wondering how to look after the finish in between details. And if you’ve just had it paint corrected, you’ll especially want to avoid introducing swirl marks. The following guide should be of use:

1) Washing the car

This is where swirl marks tend to be introduced… by way of a gritty sponge or dirty cloth. Make sure you jet wash (ideally with 30c warm purified water) or at the very least hose the car down first with a fast stream of water through a garden hose nozzle to remove and loosen surface dirt, I recommend you use a lightly watered down mix of citrus degreaser if particularly dirty on the lower half of the vehicle, specially in winter time. sprayers.html 3.78-litre.html

This solution is then sprayed on the lower half of the vehicle, i.e. wheels, arches, tyres, lower sills, front bumper and rear bumper, and pressure washed off with a jet wash remove all the dirt on the lower half of the vehicle. ALWAYS use clean soft sponges and microfibre drying towels and ALWAYS work in straight lines (the workers at your local £8 hand car wash probably don’t!). Then use a pH-neutral coating-friendly shampoo like Swissvax car bath shampoo in a grit guard bucket with your sponge, Zaino Z7 Show car wash, Zymol Auto wash, Gyeon shampoo, Gtechniq G-wash – are all good shampoos, working from the top of the car down. I personally prefer Zymol sponges and natural sea sponges to wash mitts.

– Never wash the car in direct sunlight.

– No scrubbing the paint, just gentle straight lines

– Single or dual grit guard bucket system. The grit guard stops the sponge or mitt picking up particles in the bucket, and the two bucket method simply means rinsing the sponge/mitt in one bucket, then picking up fresh solution from another. Both are merely means to minimise dirt contamination in either the solution or on the applicator.

After washing, jet wash or hose off the soapy residue and dry with a clean microfibre drying towel. These are the towels I use for drying: bin/ w%2dpremium%2ddrying%2dtowels%2ehtml#aUBER_2dDRY


2) Wheels

After 10 years I still use R222 (formerly P21s) wheel gel for cleaning alloy wheels. Try and avoid acid based cleaners as they are very harsh on the wheels. A Swissvax wheel brush and some wheel woolies are essential for perfect wheel cleaning. Same principle as cleaning the car, remove as much dirt as possible without touching or scrubbing, spray consistently all over the wheel ensuring even coverage, and lightly clean with a Swissvax wheel brush and assorted wheel woolies for cleaning the dish of the wheel and caliper.


3) Maintaining the modesta coating and keeping contaminants to a minimum

Modesta M1-shot quick detailer spray sealant adds gloss to the protective layer and keeps contaminants at a minimum along with adding protection and keeping the coating perfect. Just apply it after washing and once the car is perfectly dry and buff it off immediately, one spray per square foot is enough, otherwise it becomes quiet smeary. Use high quality microfibers with M1 shot. maintenance-spray-200ml.html cloth.html


4) Glass

3M, Swissvax or Meguiars glass cleaner all pretty much the same the main key to perfectly clean windows are clean microfibre cloths!!!.. Just be sure not to touch them if the windows are hot or in direct sunlight.


5) Tyres

Swissvax Pneu satin finish, Gtechniq T1 or Gyeon tyre dressing are all very good, you will also need a foam applicator pad to apply the product to the tyre and make sure there perfectly dry before application, use sparely.


6) Leather seats

Zaino leather in a bottle is still my favourite product for conditioning the leather. And for cleaning the leather, use either Zaino or Swissvax leather cleaner. You will need a cotton applicator pad to apply the conditioner and a cotton towel to clean the leather with, which will also be useful for dusting the interior and cleaning the door panels and seats if required.

I always wash my microfibre cloths and drying towels after each use, using non biological powder and no hotter than 40c, if in doubt refer to the label or instructions supplied with the microfibre.



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