Car Detailing Studio




Paul has moved his moved his car detailing studio to Chichester, West Sussex.  In this professional car detail studio, Paul can carry out the following car detailing services in the studio in Chichester. Please call Paul to enquire about our studio’s location and how to get to us. We will drive you to Chichester train station or, drive you home, all part of the service!

By providing a full comprehensive detailing service at our professional studio, we are able to offer a more detailed service than mobile treatment providers can. By providing treatments in a studio,, where we can control the environment we can provide a more comprehensive service.

The studio enable Paul and his team to provide a more detailed service to key areas, such as the wheel casings, brake housing units, wheel arches and more.

We have a car lift that hydraulically lifts your car, safely and under control. This enables Paul to remove wheels, and trim safely and without access issues. The full treatment enables the very best treatments available on your car without worry about local weather conditions, wind and dust causing issues with the quality finish Paul always provides.

For car detailing studio enquiries please call 07788 441150 or fill in our car detailing contact form.

Maintenance Detail

For regular customers who have already had protective treatments and want their car brought back to Miracle Detail standards after a period of use, the Maintenance Detail includes a luxury wash and dry, window cleaning, tyre dressing and an interior clean.

Classic Protection Detail

Car owners who want a taste of what professional car detailing can do for their car will find the Classic Protection Detail a good entry point. It includes clay bar paint decontamination and protection with the famous Swissvax Crystal Rock wax.

Full Detail

For customers who want their car thoroughly detailed once or twice a year, the Premier Detail is the ideal choice. It includes a full luxury car wash, paint decontamination, correction and wax protection, window and tyre treatment and interior detailing.