Paul has provided answers to the questions that arise most frequently but if you have any questions about Miracle Detail services, treatments or products, please give Paul a ring.

Booking at Miracle Detail

Just call Paul on 07444869983. He can then check his diary and provisionally book you in. Bookings will only be confirmed once a registration form has been completed and confirmed by email.

We are open 7 days a week.

PLEASE NOTE: Bookings are strictly by appointment only.

You can pay either by cash, bank transfer, debit card, Google or Apple pay. Payment must be made before collecting the vehicle or as set out in the terms of your invoice.

Paul is able to personally collect or deliver a car but if you need a car collected, detailed and then delivered, Paul can arrange for a specialist automotive transportation company at an additional cost.

If you need to cancel, we require at least 72 hours prior to your confirmed booking. For cancellations after this time there is a £500 (+VAT) cancellation fee.


Yes, of course, Paul has travelled as far as Hong kong to detail cars in the past.

Please note, though, that travel charges apply for any mobile service beyond 100 miles from Lingfield, Surrey. Paul will advise you of the additional cost when you call or email to book.

Paul will carry out any of the services in the studio if that’s what you would prefer. The mobile Maintenance Detail, Classic Protection Detail and New Car Detail are a convenience provided to clients who prefer not to make the journey.

Of course. Paul works for a number of celebrity clients who demand the utmost discretion.

Show car preparation is a pleasure and a perfect demonstration of Paul’s skills and will give you the best chance of winning if entering a concours competition. Call him for an estimate.

Clean and Shiny car care store is the only online shop I use, they also carry all the Feynlab range for maintaining your vehicle and coating, along with Grit guard buckets, wheel brushes, drying towels, window cleaner, tyre dressing and anything else you may need! See

And they will be more than happy to help or alternatively you can call them on – 0330 22 33 777


Detailing is the systematic rejuvenation and protection of the various surfaces of a vehicle, ie paintwork, glass, wheels, carpets, leather, alcantara vinyl, metal, plastic,  chrome and rubber.

Miracle Detail founder Paul Dalton set the benchmark for car detailing. He is a perfectionist with a rare passion for what he does. Add raw talent, 30+ years of expertise working on the paintwork of the world’s finest cars and some very special products and equipment, and the result is “probably the finest car wash in the world”, according to Autocar (June 2006).

Miracle Detail’s paintwork correction process is the removal of common paint defects, such as swirl marks, scratches, acid stains, water marks, buffer marks, micro-marring, orange peel, cob-webbing and 3D hologram effects. This is carried out by relevelling the laquer by one or two microns, so that the paintwork reflects light perfectly at all angles, including direct sunlight.

Contrary to popular belief, new cars rarely look their best. Despite being treated to a quick wash and polish by the dealership (which may even result in swirl marks caused by over-eager attention and wrong techniques), residue from the protective film they wear during transportation may remain. Plus they may have been stored outside for a number of months, near docks, railways and other industrial areas, before being treated to a light dusting of contaminants when transported on the UK road system or by rail. Miracle Detail will correct all these blemishes, leaving your new car looking out of this world and protected for years to come.

There are a number of reasons for this, but more often that not it’s because someone inexperienced has been using the wrong products, techniques and buffing pads to remove scratches and other imperfections in the paintwork. The swirl marks appear after the first wash because the polishes and glazes used to fill in the swirl marks and imperfections get washed away.


Miracle Detail services start at £100-£175 for a Maintenance Detail and most of them come in under £1,500. For that you get an unrivalled standard of car detailing that not only makes your vehicle look a million dollars but also helps it maintain its value and can even add considerably to its price tag.

We’ve put together nine different service packages to help you choose the right treatments for your car and budget, but within each service there is flexibility. When you call Paul to book, you discuss your budget and the treatments you want and he will come up with a service for you.

Elevate Your Car’s Shine and Shield! Contact Miracle Detail at +44 7444869983 or visit Unit 8-9 Jesmor Farm, St Piers Lane, to schedule your ceramic coating appointment today. Unleash the beauty and protection!