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Why You Should Choose Miracle Detail

Choose Miracle Detail because of our superior craftsmanship, precise attention to detail, and use of high-quality products such as Feynlab ceramic coating. Count on us to improve the appearance of your vehicle while providing outstanding protection and care.

Protect your investment today!

Ceramic coating provides long-lasting protection by producing a protective layer on the vehicle’s surface, shielding it from UV radiation, chemical stains, and oxidation. It also offers hydrophobic qualities for easier maintenance and a more glossy finish.

Window tinting promotes privacy, decreases glare and heat, absorbs dangerous UV rays, protects against interior fading, improves vehicle comfort, and gives your car or building a sleek, stylish appearance.
Dry ice and laser cleaning are non-abrasive and environmentally safe ways to remove rust, paint, and other impurities from surfaces, restoring them without causing damage and leaving them clean and immaculate.
Leather restoration breathes new life into worn or damaged leather surfaces. It restores colour, heals cracks, and replenishes moisture, improving the appearance and longevity of your leather furniture, car seats, or accessories.
Dents, scratches, and other damage are addressed in body shop repairs and panel restoration to restore the vehicle’s body to its original state. It improves the aesthetics, maintains the value, and ensures structural integrity and safety.
Paint protection film (PPF) protects the vehicle’s paintwork from scratches, stone chips, and other road debris. It protects the vehicle’s paintwork and retains its beautiful appearance while providing additional UV protection.
Car detailing restores the beauty of your vehicle by meticulously washing, polishing, and preserving both the interior and exterior surfaces. It restores shine, removes pollutants, improves aesthetics, and protects the value and condition of the car.
Mobile detailing offers professional car care to you, providing convenience and saving you time. It ensures your vehicle is expertly cleaned, polished, and protected without driving to a physical detailing shop.
Wheel refurbishing is repairing damaged or old wheels by removing scratches, dents, and kerb damage. It improves the appearance, increases the longevity of the wheels, and improves the vehicle’s overall aesthetics.

Swirl marks, bird stains, scratches, and flaws on the vehicle’s paint surface are removed, restoring a rich shine and immaculate finish. It improves the overall appearance, revitalises the paintwork, and boosts the car’s value.

About Surrey

Surrey, England, is a picturesque county in the country’s southeastern part. Known for its beautiful countryside, historic landmarks like Hampton Court Palace, and vibrant towns like Guildford, Surrey offers a blend of natural beauty and cultural attractions for visitors to enjoy.


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