A Full Range of Interior and Exterior Detail Treatments

Car Detail Treatments

The car detail treatments offered at Miracle Detail have all been developed to work in sympathy with the finish of your car. This requires a comprehensive knowledge of the paints used by luxury motor manufacturers and how they respond to different cleaning products, protective treatments and methods of application. Paul uses the finest shampoos, polishes and coatings to give your car a flawless finish that is simply breathtaking.

Paul offers full studio and mobile detailing options for all makes of cars. Paul’s experience within the car detailing world has brought into providing his unique and top quality car detailing services all around the world and to prestige customers and some of the best high value and performance cars.

All these services, including mobile car detailing, are undertaken personally by Paul. He uses the best quality products and the most advanced equipment. Whichever service you choose, Paul will apply his professional knowledge of vehicle detailing to your car. Paul’s obsessive attention to detail will leave your car with a stunning finish that will be protected to last.

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Every Miracle Detail service begins with a luxury car wash, designed to remove dirt and grit without adding any swirl marks to the paintwork. First, Paul applies a citrus degreaser to the lower half of the vehicle, paying special attention to areas like wheels, arches and door shuts, where grease and grit can gather unseen. A gentle rinse is carried out using purified water at an optimum 35°c and then he applies a snow foam, rinse and then full wash, using Feynlab specially formulated wash procedure and microfibre wash mitts. Once everything is washed and rinsed, the car is dried using ultra soft towels and a frictionless purified air supply.

  • 28-stage luxury wash process with purified 35°c water
  • 32-stage luxury wash process with purified 35°c water
  • Hand washed using ph neutral shampoo
  • Wheel arches and door shuts cleaned
  • Dried using deep pile ultra soft drying towels
  • Air dried using 2-stage purified air supply


The paintwork of your car can become contaminated by a number of harmful substances, such as road tar, iron filings from railway lines, acid rain, tree sap and bird droppings. Iron filings in particular can be very damaging if allowed to rust into the paintwork. It’s important to remove all contaminants before carrying out any paintwork correction or polishing.Paul uses special products and very subtle techniques to carry out this work, including ‘clay barring’ for removing finer impurities and overspray (excess paint from a previous body repair). These treatments will restore the paintwork to a smooth, clean finish, ready to take any correction, protection and finishing treatments as specified within your chosen service.

  • Clar bar treatment
  • Iron filings removal
  • Tar removal
  • Overspray removal


Once the vehicle has had its luxury car wash, it is brought into the studio where Paul examines the paintwork under 8,000 watts of lighting. Here, you can see paint defects that you wouldn’t be able to pinpoint under natural sunlight. Paul encourages clients to come and inspect their car with him under studio conditions and discuss the best treatments to suit their car and budget.He also uses a unique Rhopoint IQ meter, which measures the quality of a reflected image in the finished surface and detects defects such as ‘orange peel’, which reduces the depth, shine and clarity. The treatment begins with a test section to ascertain which machines, polishes, compounds and pads will achieve the best result, before carrying out the same process to the entire car.

  • Swirls and light scratches removed
  • Bird stain removal
  • Buffer mark removal
  • Stone chip removal
  • Scratch removal
  • Water and acid rain etching
  • Orange peel texture removal


Until you’ve seen the effect of ceramic and nano glass coatings, you won’t believe its aesthetic and protective properties. Glass coating (also known as ceramic or nano coating) applies a hard, thick coat that adds an intense depth to the paintwork and helps to protect it against the more aggressive elements, such as stone chips, bird droppings, tar, road grime and iron filings. Depending on how and where you use your car, Xpel ultimate PPF with 10-year warranty. It also reduces your car’s drag coefficient, which means quieter, more economical motoring and has self cleaning properties, so when it rains, the car washes itself. You can also specify Graphene wax coating protection, which lasts for six months to a year, takes about an hour to apply by hand and provides beautiful depth to the finish and good protection against lighter contaminants and rain.

  • Feynlab Original ceramic coating 1-2 years durability
  • Feynlab Ceramic Ultra V2 – 5 year durability
  • Feynlab Heal lite coating – 5 year durability
  • Feynlab Self heal plus – 7 year durability
  • Feynlab industrial coating for arches, suspension and underside of vehicles – 10 years durability


Miracle Detail glass protection not only adds a radiant gleam to your windscreen and windows, it greatly improves visibility too. This is especially important when driving at night in wet conditions, when a smeared windscreen can severely hamper your ability to see clearly and safely. The hydrophobic (water repellent) properties of Miracle Detail Feynlab durable glass coating are such that, at speeds above 30mph, rain landing on your windscreen will bead together and fly off without the need for your wipers. The effect is spectacular and makes driving in adverse weather conditions much safer. Miracle Detail glass protection is as durable as it is beautiful, lasting up to two years or around 24,000 miles.


If your wheels are in perfect condition, Paul can clean, prepare and glass coat them so it’s easy for you to keep them pristine. If they’re damaged, he can restore them to better than showroom condition, before applying the glass coating. He removes the wheels in order to apply the protection treatment to the inside rim and faces and he gives the tyres a thorough clean and dressing. Leaving the tyres undressed on a prestige car is like wearing muddy wellies with a tuxedo. Tyre Preserver will restore the gloss to your tyres, as well as extending their life by keeping them supple and protecting them from the perishing effects of sunlight.

  • Wheel refurbishment
  • Colour change
  • Feynlab durable wheel coating


A popular treatment among owners of vintage cars in particular, Miracle Detail chrome detailing brings out the full majesty of those classic bumpers, trims, lights, mirrors, wheel spokes, badges, etc. Paul will polish and protect the chrome to make it resilient against the elements and road grime. Where chrome has been damaged or worn, he can restore it to mint condition before applying the protective finish. Some of Miracle Detail’s vintage car detailing treatments have turned into full restoration projects, including rewiring and upholstery renovation. If you have a vintage car that is in need of some love, come and talk to Paul about what Miracle Detail can do to make it look young and beautiful again.

  • Chrome surfaces cleaned and polished
  • Chrome protection coating
  • Chrome restoration and coating


Paul is always excited when he finds an eco-friendly way of carrying out his work. That’s not always easy when you’re tackling grease and oil residues but, thanks to green ice technologies, Miracle Detail one of very few car detailers to have the use of their unique cleaning system. This ingenious machine is a piece of America technology, which uses dry ice to cut through oil and grease and wash it away, without the need for any water or chemicals.

Engine bay detailing from POA

Dry Ice Cleaning from POA


Miracle Detail interior detailing services range from a thorough vacuum and dust to a comprehensive deep clean, which can take up to two days in some cases. It essentially covers the leather, fabrics, trims and glass but these break down into numerous separate components, each requiring its own special tools, products and treatments. Dirt will gather under the seats, pedals, roof linings, etc and needs to be painstakingly cleaned out in order to keep your vehicle’s interior fresh and healthy and looking as good as new. Glass and trims are cleaned, polished and protected. Upholstery and carpets are steam cleaned to remove ingrained grime, odours, bacteria and dye from clothing. Paul can also recolour and renovate worn leather, then apply a protective coating to keep it looking loved for miles.

  • Thorough vacuum and Interior Detail
  • Interior steam cleaning at 174°c
  • Intensive Interior Detail
  • Leather renovation
  • Leather cleaning and coating
  • Alcantara cleaning
  • Anti-viral interior fogging treatment (kills 99.999% Coronavirus)
  • 5 Stage sterilisation interior treatment & detail (kills 99.999% harmful bacteria, viruses inc Coronavirus)