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Car Detailing Services

Miracle Detail is renowned for the famous £5,000 detail, as seen on TV’s Fifth Gear. This top-of-the-range set of car detailing services includes a specialist treatment that is just one of nine car detailing services Paul offers. They range from the Maintenance Detail, Classic Protection Detail and New Car Detail to new paint protection. These can all be applied on location or in the studio. All completed to Paul Dalton’s Signature Detail, which includes the full range of studio treatments.

Paul offers full studio and mobile detailing options for all makes of cars. Paul’s experience within the car detailing world has brought into providing his unique and top quality car detailing services all around the World and to prestige customers and some of the best high value and performance cars.

All these services, including mobile car detailing, are undertaken personally by Paul. He uses the best quality products and the most advanced equipment. Whichever service you choose, you can rest assured that Paul will apply his unrivaled knowledge of vehicle detailing and obsessive attention to detail to leave your car with a stunning finish that will be protected to last. For an individual service, call Paul on +44(0)7444 869983 or fill out his car detailing services contact form.

See our car detailing prices below.

Detailing services

Treatments included under each detailing option
Switch service
Treatment 1 New car
from £450
2 Premier
from £600
3 Connoisseur
from £750
4 Ultimate
from £1000
5 Signature
from £2000+
6 Restoration
from £10k+
7 Orange peel free Paint Job
from £20k+
28-stage luxury wash process with purified 35°C water
32-stage luxury wash process with purified 35°C water
Hand washed using Ph neutral PD shampoo
Wheel arches and door shuts cleaned
Dried using deep pile ultra soft drying towels
Air dried using 2-stage purified air supply
Paint decontamination
Clay bar treatment to remove various contamination
Iron filings and overspray removed from paintwork & windows
Road tar removal
Paint corrections
Swissvax cleaner fluid application
1-stage enhancement
2-stage paint correction
3-stage paint correction
6-stage paint correction
Orange peel removal Optional
Paint protection
Labocosmetica Perfecta Si02 ceramic quick detailer application
Swissvax Crystal rock wax protection
Labocosmetica STC, SAM, BLINDO & HPC coating (2-6 years durability) Extra Cost Extra cost Extra cost
Labocosmetica STC, SAM, BLINDO & HPC coating (2-6 years durability) Extra Cost Extra cost Extra cost Extra cost
Labocosmetica STC, SAM, BLINDO & HPC coating (2-6 years durability) Extra cost Extra cost Extra cost Extra cost
Labocosmetica STC, SAM, BLINDO & HPC coating (2-6 years durability) Extra cost Extra cost Extra cost Extra cost
Glass treatments
Glass cleaned inside and out
Water repellant treatment to exterior glass
Wheel treatments
Protected with Labocosmetica STC, SAM, BLINDO & HPC coating (2-6 years durability)
Brake caliper protection
Wheel refurbishment Extra Cost Extra Cost
Tyres dressed
Exterior chrome
Chrome & stainless steel surfaces cleaned, polished & protected
Exterior plastic
Cleaned and protected
Interior treatments
Interior detailed and vacuumed
Interior steam cleaned at 174°c
Interor deep cleaning/sanitisation
Optional treatments
Leather and Fabric protection
Leather repairs and renovation
Alcantara cleaning
Interior roof cleaning
Convertible roof protection
Under carriage and arches cleaned and protected
Engine bay detailed with dry ice
Stone chip repair
Xpel paint protection film (Self healing)
Stek paint protection film (dynoshield, dynomatt, dynoprism, and proshield) self healing, hydrophobic and stain resistance
Orange peel and texture removal from paint finish
Overspray removal
Window tinting
Dent removal


"Paul has detailed three Aston Martins for me and there is only one word for his work: breathtaking! I first saw Paul's supreme services on TV's Fifth Gear and was enthralled by his exacting standards and professionalism. I just knew that when I next invested in a new car, I would also invest in Paul's services. The finished product is stunning every time. I can wholeheartedly recommend Paul’s services to any car connoisseur who demands and expects the best. He is the very best of his kind and you will not be disappointed."

Aston Martin DBS owner