SWISSVAX, Episode 4: “Quick detailing”, with Paul Dalton, Miracle Detail, UK.


Welcome to episode 4! This episode is all about quick detailing. The well known car detailer and Swissvax ambassador Paul Dalton, seen on “Fifth Gear” and many other TV-shows, visited Swissvax headquarters in Fällanden, Switzerland. We got to shoot a video series starting where Paul shares his thoughts and techniques of car detailing. Quick detailing is a very simple technique made simple by Swissvax’s ingenious Lotos Speed! Paul demonstrates just how simple it is to use. Swissvax Lotos Speed is a quick sealing for all exterior paintwork. The frictional resistance is massively reduced, resulting in excellent water beading properties of the paint surface. Lotos Speed is colorless and easy and quick to use. Simply spray on, then distribute and wipe off. It does not leave white marks on rubber or edges and can be applied across various materials. Its advanced polymer technology seals paint, rims, plastic, chrome and glass. Lotus Speed works on both untreated and (even better) Swissvax treated paintwork and can last for months. PRO TIP: Quick detailing is prefect for that in between wax applications, car shows, concours events or just to keep the vehicle looking on top form. I does not however, replace a full wash technique. Introduction episode: Episode 1: Washing Episode 2: Wheels: Episode 3: pretreatment and waxing: Episode 4: tires and quick detailing Episode 5: to be re-filmed All the products featured can be purchased from your countries official importer or official stockist/detailer. Prices will vary depending on the country you reside in. #Swissvax #Swissvaxcarcare #Swissvaxdetailingtips #careforyourdream #teamswissvax #swissvaxworldwide #swissvaxofficial #Swissvaxdetailcenter #swissvaxauthorised #swissvaxproducts #swissvaxAG #miracledetailing #pauldalton #pauldaltoncrystalrock #crystalrockwax #detailsdoneright #detailing #detailing #carnaubawax #youtube #swissvaxyoutube