New Miracle Detail website and online PD car care shop


After building three websites which weren’t any better than the current one and about 5 years of trying to find the perfect web design company, I kind of gave up with little hope of ever getting the perfect website. So many agencies out there are too overpowering and expensive, some came up with worse designs than what I already had or that I could have done myself.

I wasted so much time and money with inferior companies who could talk the talk, but couldn’t walk the walk. One agency even contracted their design work to a firm in Romania, the designs where shocking and nothing was straight, my 3 year old could have done better. Then one day out of the blue, there is a knock at the door and a guy called Mark from a company called b:web was here to see me. I thought “Oh no, not another one trying to sell there services and under deliver” and I didn’t have any appointments booked, so reluctantly I invited Mark into my studio.

After a brief chat I could tell he wasn’t about the hard sell, which I liked. He offered his card and said to have a think about it. So after a many months talking to b:web, I gave in, thinking, this firm have been consistent for months now. They just offered what they could do, and let me decide. I kept checking out what websites they had created before, trying to find something wrong with them, but I couldn’t find anything. Then they offered me a deal that I couldn’t refuse.

Anyway long story short, the website now live, and b:web are the best website company in existence in my eyes. Nothing is ever too much trouble and they explain things in an easy and transparent way, with no pressure. They do all their work in house with there own team in the UK and they don’t charge London prices. They over delivered in every aspect of the work process for the website and shop, from the initial chat at their studio to the training at the end once the website was built.

If only more companies were like these guys, but at last I found them by chance. Sometimes you don’t have to look for them, they find you!

Mark from b:web: “We loved working with Miracle Detail on this project, we knew that it was going to be challenging in many ways because Paul has had some terrible experiences in the past, and had almost given up completely. But I was highly confident that we could produce a website that would blow him away, and we did.. Throughout the project Paul was lost for words and was so grateful that he found us, he was great to work with and the project was highly rewarding. The results certainly speak for themselves here and now we have a great base for SEO and marketing. We wish you the very best Paul, enjoy!”